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Canada shuts out asylum seekers: study -

OTTAWA – A new Harvard Law School study paints a scathing portrait of Canada as a country that’s increasingly slamming its doors on asylum-seekers and thereby unwittingly contributing to the human smuggling crisis. The report by the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic, obtained by The Canadian Press, accuses Ottawa of making it so difficult for refugees to claim asylum that it’s.

Made in America, Hobie Kayaks

TV series Made in America travels to Oceanside, California to visit Hobie Cat Company and see the makers of Hobie Catamarans and Hobie Kayaks. John Ratzenber...

Questions of Customers

suzanne d suzanne d says:
Can anybody give me advice on a kayak to putz around on a lake with?
I am particularly looking for an inexpensive kayak to meander around a little lake with my family. I would prefer Made in USA, but I realize that may be expecting too much. Ultimately this is for family fun and I would like best advice possible...
campaholicone2000 says:
Hi, First, the made in the USA is going to be a challenge - most of the recreational boat manufacturers are building hulls off shore. If you are on a small lake, and want to put multiple people...
tom tom says:
What are the best options for a boat you can carry to the water?
I have a fibreglass kayak but its rather large and bulky. I live about half a mile from the river.
Vasco Pyjama says:
1. You can buy or make one of these:...

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Canada shuts out asylum seekers: study
The Harvard study is being made public a week after a newly declassified report showed that smugglers were caught trying to sneak dramatically more people into Canada in 2011 than over the previous year at largely unguarded Canada-U.S. border crossings
St. Croix: Home to beautiful beaches, lush greenery of the rain forest
The Danes — who ruled St. Croix for 184 years before selling it to the United States — set up government in Christiansted. For our trip, we climb into kayaks made of a clear, resinlike material so we can see the dinoflagellates in the water. To

Bing news

America's Cup: Oracle’s Illegal Boats
Oracle Racing and Ben Ainslie Racing are found to have been using illegal boats in America's Cup World Series Oracle Racing have withdrawn from the last four America's Cup World Series events and will be returning the trophies that the teams won following ...
Boat industry needs to ‘rethink how boats are made’ says McCoy in METS keynote
“We surveyed 50,000 boating consumers – current boaters, former boaters and future boaters – in the United States, Canada ... “If we look at real market pricing, the cost of new boats is rising dramatically faster than the rate of ...
Made in Arkansas: SeaArk Boats
The pleasure boat division also grew and built a variety of products in both all-welded and riveted aluminum. By the mid 1980’s MonArk had over 200 dealers across the United States. In 1988, MonArk Boat Company sold the pleasure boat division to ...

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wisconsin 350ppm 350slideshow
Huge 350 made by kayakers on the water in Washburn, Wisconsin in June, 2009. The kayakers were attending an inland kayak symposium. This was one of the lead up events to 5,200 creative demonstrations happening around...
Photo by on Flickr

finland kayak paddle sipoo furuholmen wernercamano kajaksportartisan
I don't care much about stuff any more, but something perfectly designed for its purpose still turns me on. Meet: Kajak-Sport Artisan kayak (made in Finland) and Werner Camano paddle (made in USA)!
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people usa oregon waterfall koosahfalls mckenzieriverscenicbyway
Shortly after we got there, somebody said that there was a guy negotiating the falls and preparing to go over in a kayak. We saw people in safety gear across the river, and waited for another 15 minutes. The descent...
Photo by andorus on Flickr

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Made in America
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